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2015年12月大学英语四六级考试已完结,不少试题开始注目参考答案展开估分。为便利试题估分,小编整理了英语四级试卷1和2的长篇读者答案,供参考。四级试卷1 长篇读者 答案46. The author was advised against the improper use of figures of speech. 对应I段47. The author's mother taught him a valuable lesson by pointing out lots of flaws in his seemingly perfect essay. 对应C段48. A writer should polish his writing repeatedly so as to get closer to perfection. 对应K段49. Writers may experience periods of time in their life when they just can't produce anything. 对应E段50. The author was not much surprised when his school teacher marked his essay as "flawless". 都不应B段51. Criticizing someone's speech is said to be easier than coming up with a better one. 对应F段52. The author looks upon his mother as his most demanding and caring instructor. 对应A段53. The criticism the author received from his mother changed him as a person. 对应H段54. The author gradually improved his writing by avoiding fancy language. 对应J段55. Constructive criticism gives an author a good start to improve his writing. 对应G段答案评论:本文是一篇辩论文学创作这一自学技能的文章。作者在文中大大融合自身经验探究文学创作的方方面面:例如,作者认为写作者可能会有思路耗尽无法文学创作的时候;评论别人说道的话有可能比讲出更佳的话更容易,但深层、杰出的文学创作评论却能协助写作者获得更佳、更加有创新的改良;在文学创作时,不应尽量避免六边形华丽的辞藻,无意义的提到等等;最后还明确提出,对于每个杰出的写作者而言,极致的文章来自大大的改动。


第二套长篇读者46. Cooking benefits people in many ways and enables them to connect with one another.答案:D Shouldn’t preparing—and consuming—food be a source of comfort, pride, health, well-being, relaxation, sociability?…47. Abundant information about cooking is available either online or on TV.答案:B It’s not because fresh ingredients are hard to come by…48. Young people do less cooking at home than the elderly these days.答案:F.Perhaps a return to real cooking needn’t be far off…49. Cooking skills can be improved with practice.答案:O. You don’t have to hit the grocery store daily, nor do you need an abundance of skill…50. In the mid-20th century, most families ate dinner at home instead of eating out.答案:G. Back in the 1950s most of us grew up in households where Mom cooked virtually every night…51. Even those short of time or money should be encouraged to cook for themselves and their family答案:E. When I talk about cooking, I’m not talking about creating elaborate dinner parties or three-day science projects.…52. Eating food not cooked by ourselves can cause serious consequences.答案:J. There have been half-hearted but well-publicized efforts by some food companies to reduce calories in their processed food, but….53. To eat well and still save money, people should buy fresh food and cook it themselves.答案:M. To those Americans for whom money is a concern…54. We get a fairly large portion of calories from fast food and snacks.答案:C. And yet we aren’t cooking…55. The popularity of TV led to the popularity of frozen food.答案:H.。